Concrete Washout


TMI Concrete Washout offers water-tight containers to securely contain concrete wash water and solids to meet your project requirements.

We currently offer:

  • Ramped Concrete Washout Bins
  • Rampless Concrete Washout Bins

All concrete waste is processed into reusable material for use on road beds, driveways, landscaping, retaining walls and a variety of other applications. Any water remaining in the washout bins is treated and recycled. TMI recycles 100 percent of the collected concrete washout water and solids.

TMI Concrete Washout would appreciate at least a 24 hour notice on all services. This helps us to maintain an organized schedule so we can continue to provide you with the dependable and prompt service you deserve.

We ask that you notify TMI Concrete Washout when your washout bin becomes 75% full. Call our office to schedule your bins to be emptied, pumped free of excess liquid, or relocated to your specifications.

Concrete washout bins should only be moved or relocated by TMI personnel. Please refrain from depositing anything other than concrete waste material or wash water in the concrete washout container. If you have any additional questions regarding proper use of the container please contact TMI at 225-667-9847.

For more information regarding concrete washout, please see EPA Guidline for Concrete Wash Out. This EPA Fact sheet outlines the best management practices for the containment of concrete washout liquids and solids generated from the cleaning of concrete trucks and pumps.

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